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January 30, 2024
Important Update: OrchPlay Version 3.6.7
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The OrchPlay team is extremely proud to announce the release of OrchPlay 3.6.7 for Mac.

Very important: Some features will cease to work unless you update to this most recent version.

New features and improvements in OrchPlay 3.6.7: Simplification of menus and interface

Merging of the OrchPlay Online Library and User Library

Both the User and Online libraries have been merged to simplify the user experience and improve navigation.

New filters can be combined and allows for more flexibility when searching for content:
  • Online Files: Hide or show files of all types from the OrchPlay Music Library that are available Online
  • Downloaded Files: Hide or show files of all types you have downloaded from the OrchPlay Music Library
  • Imported Files: Hide or show files that you have imported that aren't included in the OrchPlay Music Library
  • OrchPlay Multichannel: Hide or show only multichannel files (local or online)
  • Naxos Music Library: Hide or show OrchPlay packages that work in conjunction with the Naxos Music Library (local or online - requires a valid Naxos login to activate and use)
  • Stereo Recording: Hide or show any stereo recording (local or online)

Please be aware that these filters can be combined and the priority flows from top to bottom: If you deactivate the Online Files and Downloaded Files filters, then the OrchPlay Music Library filter won't show any files even if it is activated.

Menu changes:

  • The Main Menu now includes Featured content (replacing Home) and the Teaching and Learning ressources
  • Naxos Library Connection has been moved to My Music Library (now replacing the User Library and OrchPlay Music Library) under Music Streaming Services
  • The secondary web menu has been removed

Issues resolved:

Fixed a crash when loading a newly downloaded file directly from a Bookmark List.

Downloading and Installing OrchPlay 3.6.7:

Option 1:

  1. Download OrchPlay3.6.7.zip from www.orchestraplayer.com
  2. Unzip OrchPlay3.6.7.zip from your User/Download/ folder
  3. Drag and drop OrchPlay.app in your Applications folder, replacing the previous version

Option 2:

  1. Download version 3.6.7 within OrchPlay by clicking here
  2. A Finder window should appear with the OrchPlay.app already unzipped (User/Documents/OrchPlay/Downloads/temp/ folder)
  3. Quit OrchPlay and drag and drop the OrchPlay.app in your Applications folder, replacing the previous version
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