Select the OrchPlay Music Library and download multichannel files.
OrchPlay multichannel files contain audio for every instruments and synchronized XMLS scores as well as a selection of piano reductions, bookmarks and assignments. Students and teachers from partner institutions may download OrchPlay files that contain public domain scores synchronized with Naxos Music Library recordings.
Select My Library to see the files you've downloaded or imported. Import to your library local audio files found on your computer. It is possible to synchronize scores with all files located in your library.
If you are a student or teacher at a partner institution you may use the Naxos Library Connection and connect to Naxos through your University or Conservatory. Select an album and the tracks you wish to import and add selection to library to create OrchPlay content for the selection(s). It will then be possible to synchronize scores with the selected Naxos recordings.
The volume and playback controls will be displayed after loading a piece from your library. With OrchPlay multichannel files it is possible to move the playback cursor by exactly one measure forward or backward.
In orange you will find the playback cursor as well as indications in time ( and measures (mes. #) on its position. In blue you will find the locators (repeated music selection) and indications on the measure range selected.
In the top right corner you will find the Embedded documents and Bookmark menu. You may encapsulate documents of any types within your OrchPlay files: analysis documents, assignments and even shortcuts. Create Bookmarks to save the playback cursor position, locator selection, current score page, activated or deactivated  instruments (score markings or concert stage selections) and mixer settings.
In the score area you will find a Highlight and Text tools for Colored Markings. Use the color palette to create a list of colored markings. Activate the speaker icon to only hear the highlighted instruments (OrchPlay multichannel files). Activate the eye icon to hide or show score markings.
Alternate between the Score and Concert Stage view. Use the Mixer to change the volume of instruments.
Click on the home icon to display the Library or Home screen. The double-arrow returns to the current file.
Select Home in the Library Menu to access featured OrchPlay content, news and the complete Manual.