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OrchPlay 3 Features
Create your music library
Import your audio files and scores
Stylish music library interface: Add pictures for composers, artists, albums & conductors
Open-ended metadata management system with labelling and list creation
Score Follower: Synchronize all your scores with your recordings
Score Matrix: Optical recognition of bar lines and staff lines
Automatic page turns and optional "zoom on music systems" during playback
Start playback directly from the score from any measure, score pages follow the playback cursor

Limited to 10 scores
Automatic Sync. with OrchPlay Music Library
Require both OrchPlay & Naxos Music Library  Institutional subscriptions
Automatic Sync. with OrchPlay Music Library
Requires both OrchPlay
& Naxos Music Library  Institutional subscriptions
OrchPlay Music Library (OPML) - Multichannel
Download multichannel audio files with scores (XML package format) and extra content
OPML scores can be displayed in separated or combined staves, in C or transposed
OrchPlay Music Library (OPML) - Naxos
Download OrchPlay files containing public domain scores synchronized with Naxos Music Library recordings
Limited to
4 selected files
Colored score markings
‍‍Instantly hear highlighted instruments and sections of the score
Write colored text in the score
Markings can't affect the playback of instruments

Mixing desk
Change the balance between instruments
Concert stage
Select the instruments you wish to hear on a virtual concert stage
Piece bookmarks: Instantly recall instrumental combinations, selected measures, score pages, markings as well as the mixing desk balance
Bookmark Lists: Instantly navigate bookmarks across pieces and prepare presentations
OrchPlay Bookmark Lists
Download Bookmark Lists containing hundreds of classroom-ready examples and exercises
Automatic download of all content for OrchPlay-provided Bookmark Lists

Naxos Music Library website integration - beta
Browse the Naxos Music Library and control the audio stream with OrchPlay
Synchronize scores and use OrchPlay features for Naxos Music Library selections
Requires both OrchPlay
& Naxos Music Library  Institutional subscriptions
Requires both OrchPlay
& Naxos Music Library  Institutional subscriptions
OrchPlay Library assignments - formatted for the classroom
Piano reductions and orchestration score assignments in pdf format
Additional OrchPlay Music Library downloads for teachers
Original orchestrations with piano versions